is a collaborative research project, a virtual reality adaptation, that examines the relationship between storytelling and data—specifically, quantitative insights of current events in the social sector—our global water crisis.

Our first presentation will be shown in Pecha Kucha style at the Design Incubation Colloquium, Parsons Integrated Design, on Thursday, June 14 2018. Please join us. Registration details below.


“The question of “experience” is frequently debated in design circles, and particularly in educational circles where students have a tendency to mistake software as a way to transform themselves into film directors. The prevailing sentiment seems influenced not only by the stylistic urge to layer but also by the expectation that design must address new and complex audiences in new and complex ways.” —Jessica Helfand, Essays on Graphic Design and Visual Culture.

As interactive technologies become more complex and traditional narrative structures more layered—information and data are themselves becoming a powerful narrative tool. Driven by our passion for both social impact and mixed reality, this project examines the critical relationship between storytelling and information, specifically, quantitative insights, within a dynamic virtual setting, of current events in the social sector—our global water crisis.

We begin to shape a new territory for human-centric interaction design through the use of mixed reality, striking a balance between craft and execution, context and purpose. This project, Future of Water, is a proof of concept, of a virtual-reality data experience, that aims to critique the scarcity of information innovation within larger problem areas—in this instance, the global water gap.

Breaking down the quantitative data sets from McKinsey & Company’s economic report “Charting Our Water Future” our work:

  1. Showcases how VR affordances can adapt and illuminate these quantitative insights within the setting of mixed reality.
  2. Suggests a process of divergent and convergent thinking for a diversity of stakeholders, including educators.
  3. Demonstrates the transformative power of mixed reality storytelling.
  4. Educates our audience on the challenges that designers will face in creating functional solutions.


10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Parsons Integrated Design DESIGN INCUBATION COLLOQUIUM. Hosted by Cynthia Lawson and the department of Integrated Design. This event is open to all interested in Communication Design research.

The New School. Theresa Lang Student Center.
55 W. 13th St., 2nd floor, New York, NY 11011.

We hope to see you!
Jeannie Joshi, Director
Mike Edwards, Lead Technologist